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You know the phrase 'Always a bridesmaid and never a bride'? For Eva, this had always seemed to be true. Over thousands of years old and Evalynne West had never been proposed to; never cared enough for anyone in her life to be willing to make this commitment. She was still trying to understand and figure out exactly what it was that she had done to deserve this. To deserve Derek. To deserve someone that she would share eternity with.

Eva was standing in a room by herself, staring at her own reflection in the long mirror. She felt pretty... Her off-white dress was tight around the top, strapless and fanned out like a large bell at the bottom and was completely beaded through the corset-like top. Her hair was tied up in an elegant bun in the back - the vibrant red hair had a few curls that fell in and around her neck. Eva lightly bit her lip and smiled to herself as she moved her hips slightly, causing the dress to sway from side to side.

It was the only wedding she was ever going to have - she was going all out for it. Eva was hardly a traditional girl. Sure she had her bridesmaids, and quite a few of them, but she couldn't think of anyone else that she wanted as her 'maid of honour' other than her brother. Damion and her had been known to argue with each other before in the past, but it had always seemed a little pointless. Especially now.

She was waiting calmly in the room for him to come in. The little phoenix didn't feel nervous... Only happy. She smiled to herself, wondering how Derek was holding up. She was sure that nothing would phase her angel of romance.


Derek stood there with his best man by his side, a gentle smile on his lips as Blaise Zabini, the boy he trained so well to be the adult and angel he became, stood at the alter, giving a gentle, peaceful smile. Christian asked him the words if he was nervous, but the wise man only smiled. This was the beginning to the rest of his life... never would he be nervous to become who he wanted to be. The man that stood by Eva West for the rest of eternity. No, he wasn't nervous.

But he suddenly felt like the life he resented so often had meaning for once.
Christian Divine stood by his best mate, his heart light. If anyone in the world deserved to live the rest of his life in happiness, it was the man who stood next to him. His words were gentle, soft, as he asked, "Nervous?" But when he saw the small smile on Derek's face, he knew. Derek knew that his decision was right... he knew that he made the right choice. And he knew that he would spend the rest of the history of the world in happiness. And that made Christian happy as well.
Justin sat calmly at the piano, gently playing light tunes as everyone seated themselves slowly. So this was it... the eldest and strongest of their small family was finally hitting the peak of his life. He turned, looking at Derek in admiration. The man fought in several wars... saved several lives and took a few in regret. He met people who went down in history... and he became several people who went down in history as well. And still he called this the most important day of his life when he wedded his one beloved. It confused Justin...and yet he understood it with all of his heart. Derek had that effect on people.
Isabella sat in a seat, the front row, wearing a soft pastel dress, her dark hair illuminating the glow of her smile. No, she didn't look like her dark self, but this was different. The man she grew up with, who she fell in and out of love with, was now finding his own happiness as she had done so few months ago. Seeing Derek, the man she spent half of her eternity with, get married, made her heart jump in happiness for him. The man deserved to be happy.
Blaise stood at the alter, the holy text open in front of him, but just for looks. He memorized what he had to say... thanks to the man in front of him. Seeing Derek in his tux, so simple like an average man yet with such a pride and a glow that there was no doubt he must be angelic, it made Blaise sure that there was a meaning for all of them. It might not be here and might not be now.... but they all had a meaning... no matter where their futures lead to.
Her father was getting married.

Danielle, with a flower in her hair and more in her hands, felt this to be the most important time in her and her fathers relationship. He finally committed to one amazing woman for the rest of his life, and just shortly after she had the ring slipped onto her own finger. Seeing the smile on her father's face earlier made her head light. She loved him so... and seeing him finally fulfill the wants that he's had for so long... it made her whole.
Damion stood behind his sister, looking at her in the mirror with the softest of smiles on his lips. His big sister, finally making herself happy for the rest of eternity with a man that could make sure she stayed that way. He looked at her for a moment before finally speaking. It had to be said.

"Eva..." He slowly began, his whisper of a voice cracking the silence as he put a hand on her shoulder. "...We've had differences. So...many differences. But you need to know... I love you. I will always love you, my sister, and seeing you like this... in this dress, with this smile, on this day..." He took her by the shoulders and turned her towards him, pulling a thin white golden chain from his pocket with a small silver pendent on it. It was their mother's... such an ancient and beautiful piece... "It's your's now." He said gently, slipping it around her neck and clasping it. "You carry it through the years in our family's name... I trust you, in the name of our mother, I trust you. And again... I love you." He smiled and gently kissed her on the cheek, keeping his eyes from watering before he took her hand, slowly leading her out towards the aisle.
Eva had barely noticed when he walked in behind her, so she was surprised to see his face behind her shoulder in the mirror. What he said was true - they had had their differences. Actually, differences was an understatement to what they had been through. She felt his hands grab hold of her shoulder and spin her around to face him. Her heart skipped as she saw the necklace emerge from his pocket, recognizing it immediately. "Damion... where did you get this?" She asked, almost in disbelief as he slipped it around her neck. It was one of those objects that she thought she would never see again, yet here it was - and now it was hers... She quickly swiped at her eyes, taking deep breaths to try to stop the flow of tears that were threatening to fall, "Damn you... You had to pull out the necklace, didn't you?" She asked, a small smile on her face as she wrapped her arms around him, kissing his cheek. "Thank you, Damion..."
It was as she let go of him she saw Keira walk through the room, Danielle and Rhian following behind her with large bouquets of flowers. It was almost time...
Keira was smiling widely when she walked into the room. She was so happy for Derek... Eva was an amazing woman and she was glad that he had found someone that he could be happy with... that he could spend the rest of his life with. The rest of his long life... She walked in, handing the bouquet to Eva and pinning a boutineir on Damion's chest - she figured that it was far more manly for him than having to carry flowers on his way down. She smiled gently at the two of them, "Are you ready? You look beautiful Eva..."
Rhian couldn't help but smile widely when she walked into the room. There was something about weddings now that she loved and she didn't even mind that she was wearing a dress for this. She had grown used to it. Her dark hair was tied up at the back and her dress matched Keira's and Danielle's - dark blue that flowed simply down, dipping low in the back. "I peeked outside. Derek is looking basically the same as you are." She said, noting her calm expression. Neither of them seemed to be nervous about this...
Justin checked his watch. It was almost time... He smiled gently and cracked his fingers, suddenly beginning to play slow as the flowed across the keys. He looked up, not having to read the music, as he waited for them. Waited for her.
Keira heard the music begin to play and she grinned widely, "It's time love!" She said, unable to conceal the excitement in her voice. She never thought she would ever see this day... the day where she would be walking down the aisle with the woman who was able to tame Derek's ways. She was the first to walk down the aisle, holding her flowers tightly between her fingers. She smiled widely when she saw Derek at the end, waiting. She took her place across from Christian, smiling at him as her attention turned to the end of the aisle.
Rhian was next to walk down after Keira, keeping pace with the music. She smiled over at Leah and Angeline, Damion's girlfriend, as she passed them. She caught Justin's eye and gave him a slightly crooked smile, winking at him before she too took her place beside Keira. She gave Derek an encouraging smile once she was at the alter, her head moving in the same direction as Keira's to the back.
Danielle slowly stepped behind Rhian, finally taking her place and smiling at her father. There he was... so confident... so proud... she loved him. And now he was going to be happy... thats what he needed. to be happy.
Eva watched them all walk down the aisle and she knew that now it was her turn... Her turn to take the walk to meet the rest of her life. Her heart skipped in her chest as she thought about it - she was sure that Damion could probably hear it beating it was so loud. She smiled happily at him, "I love him, Damion..." She had to say it... it had been dying to come bursting from her lips ever since she put on the dress. That was how she knew this was right for her. She took a deep breath and stepped out into the aisle, slowly starting to walk down. Her skin seemed to radiate, like she was glowing. Her eyes were blazing madly, almost matching the colour of her hair. Her eyes were focused only on Derek. He looked so beautiful...

June 2008

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