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This is our goodbye...

Never will I forget any of you.

I am here to say that Its_Ur_Hogwarts is finally coming to its end. It's almost been two years since friendships have been made... characters born and plots created... and I must say that it tears my heart to do this. Its Ur is my child... I created it as my first public writing experience, and i put my dedication and effort into it for a year of my life. Do I regret it? No.... I will never regret the people I have met, the talent I have come across. I will never regret the lesson that I have learned here, that the power of words can easily match and sometimes overcome the power of voice. I will never forget the times that laughter has emitted from my lips, tears have fallen from my eyes, and emotions have swayed in my body because of all of you. My friends... I love all of you. Not in a sister or brother way... but in a writers way. I love all of you for teaching me... and helping me grow. I thank you for making my dream come true. The dream of seeing my writing and my characters come to life... with the possibility of all of you. After calculating, i've come across the conclusion that the amount of words that we have put down in this community would fill approximately twenty five harry potter books... eight hundred pages each...

My friends, together we have written a dream and made it into a reality. So goodbye to Rayshaun, who made us smile with his polite youth, Cici with her gentle words and kind heart. Jack and James for showing us the good and bad in everyone.... that not one person on the planet isn't tempted by their opposite side. To Acheron for showing us that love and truth can change even the coldest of hearts. To Rhian for showing us that even the simplest of smiles and the kindest of people can brighten your most darkest hour.  And I thank my own characters... for showing me the parts of me that I had yet to discover... and for showing me that my abilities went far beyond what I believed them to be. I thank you all for helping me here... and again it hurts me to end this. The physical pain in my chest us unbearable at times as i try to put in words how much this and all of you have meant to me. But this is what life is. At times we have no choice but to part ways and go on to bigger and better things, but I beg you... all of you... Please dont forget me. And dont forget us. This short period of time in our lives, everyone was effected by someone else, please take that with you. And remember that this will always be here, reminding you of what you once were and who you now are.

We part ways and I say again... I love you all. May the skills that you all have carry with you... and never leave it behind. And never leave this behind. May it always be with you.

With love,


Its_ur_hogwarts Mod.



Theres so much left to be said. We went above and beyond the canon, and created our own world that JK would be proud of. Cassie, you are one of the most creative people I know, and without Its Ur, I never would have met you.

Even though this part of our creative lives ends, we have left our marks on the world, and we have all shown our own brand of creativity in doing so. When Amy (Angel) told me about this RP, I was skeptical and thought it would be stupid. Two years later, here I am, helping to write its epitaph.

Thank you to everyone who has interacted with my characters. YOu have all affected my writing style, and have made me laugh, cry, get entirely too pissed off for a fictitious RP. You are my family now. Stay in touch!
Hear hear!

...I just wanted to say that.


It's been a great two years... It really has. I've met one of my best friends through this community so I will never regret anything that's been said or done.

You guys have blown my mind with the amount of creativity that has flown through this community. I tried really hard to keep up and create this world with you, but I think I pale significantly with what you were all able to weave. There is so much that I will never be able to forget that has happened here. Keep laughing. Keep smiling. Keep writing.

Love you all! <3
It's been two years?!? It hardly seems so. It's crazy. I feel like part of me, the Ron part, is dying. I spent days and nights and countless hours on here. This RP made me laugh, made me cry, made me seriously angry, and made me extremely happy. I'm gonna miss this. Awww ;(

But honestly? I can look back on my writing (and the writing of everyone else) and I can really see that we've all grown. I don't feel like I could ever measure up to the talent that you guys have at this RP. You all are amazing writers, and reading and interacting with you guys has affected who I am as a writer. I just wanted to say, well, thank you. I wish the best to all of you!

samantha/ron :)

.... so there's no way we can keep it going? really?

I wish there was love, i really do.... but people have lost interest over the years... maybe our paths will cross again.... i pray they will.
hey, um, you wouldn't happen to be interested in joining an RP would you? :D :D :D :D
I am sorry to see this community go. I was certainly having fun with it.

However, for those of you who still want to play in an HP game, crescent_gaia, Ladylostris, and myself are running another game. We're just getting into 4th year plot, haven't even gotten to the World Cup, yet.

We NEED PLAYERS! You can find the character creation information at http://community.livejournal.com/wow_ooc_hogwart/641.html . The list of taken characters is here: http://community.livejournal.com/wow_ooc_hogwart/492.html .

We're really looking for a Ron, Mr. Weasley, Ginny, Krum, the Weasley twins, Fleur, Cedric, and Percy. And many others that are key to the GoF plot. We also only have Pettigrew as a mod character at the moment, so he's open for play as well.

Your OC characters are also welcome! You'll find some of ours there, too (like Rougin, Kia, Ariana, Cici...).

June 2008

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