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It's Your Hogwarts! Get Creative!
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This is a Harry Potter RP.

It's your Hogwarts! Wherever you lead your character, thats where they're going!
A couple of rules though:

- Characters can insult other characters(within reason) but i dont want any people insulting people. were all friends here, show it.

- ABSOLUTELY NO GODMODDING (Unless agreed upon between players.)

-nO tYpIn oR sPelLiN lIk dIs yO

If you want to be a character, canon or not, email me at cassandralynnecohen@gmail.com with an application, a little about yourself and the character you want to be. YOU MUST EMAIL CASSANDRALYNNECOHEN@GMAIL.COM OR YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! Check the list below to see if your character has been taken. The application you send has to have all of the following information:

character name:
character age:
character interests:
character traits:
character house:
character grade:
character origin:
character ethnicity:

and the name that your going to apply as when you click the "join this community" button.

-Harry Potter (Canon)
-Draco Malfoy (Canon)[deus ex machina]
-Jake Cohen (Non-Canon)
- Hermionie Granger (canon)
- ginny weasley (Canon)
- luna lovegood (canon)
- angel (non-canon)
- remus lupin (canon)
- ronald weasley (canon)
- lavender brown (canon)
- severus snape (canon)
- andromeda tonks (canon)
- sirius black (canon)
- lily potter (canon)
- james potter (canon)
- rayshaun black (non-canon)
- rhian aradia (non-canon)
- cecily (non-canon)
- christian divine (non-canon)
- james (non-canon)
- Derek Cielo (non-canon)
- Isabella Cross (non-canon)
- Justin Angelo (non-canon)
- Ian Allen (non-cannon)
-Blaise Zabini (canon)
-Lord Voldemort (canon)
-Cho Chang (canon)
-Fred Weasley (canon)
-George Weasley (canon)
-Naima (non-canon)
-Elizabeth (non-canon)
-Damion West (non-canon)
-Alexis (non-canon)
-Cedric Diggory (canon)
- Kia (non-canon)
-Rougin (non-canon)
- Regulus Black (canon)
- Viktor Krum (canon)
- Lucius Malfoy (canon)
- Narcissa Malfoy (canon)
- Bellatrix Lestrange (canon)
Remember, get creative!

It's year 2006 and Hogwarts has just opened. The voices of eager young first years can be heard echoing off the walls, the upper-classmen all solemn, knowing how dark of times they're living in. Not knowing who you can trust, everyone is a little suspicious of everyone else, especially with the dark lord having the ability to be anywhere now that Dumbledore is gone.

remember, email cassie(cassandralynnecohen@gmail.com), THEN apply! thanks!

Feel free to email any of the moderators for help, questions, comments or problems.